What is the Best Electric Ebelskiver Pancake Pan?

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If you’re a fan of ebelskivers, but not a fan of standing over the stove making batch after match, you might wonder what is the best electric ebelskiver pancake pan. We’ll go over the features of the top two ebelskiver pans in this article.

Now, if you don’t know what ebelskivers are, they are simply a pancake puff or ball, often made with filling. For more information about them and info on how to make them using a stovetop ebelskiver pan, check out this article.

Reasons to Use an Electric Ebelskiver Pancake Pan

  • Even heating: An electric ebelskiver pancake pan produces a nice, even heat. Using an ebelskiver pan on your stovetop can be challenging because there might be some cooler spots in the areas between the stove grates.
  • Frees up stovetop space: With an electric ebelskiver pancake pan, you just plug it in on your countertop, which frees up your stovetop for cooking additional items, or keeping items warm. It comes in handy when serving brunches, or even dinner parties (if you make some nice, savory ebelskivers).
  • Won’t heat up your kitchen: If your kids are begging for ebelskivers in mid-July, you can make as many batches as needed with the electric ebelskiver pancake pan without heating up your kitchen the way using your stove would.
  • Warming function: Some electric ebelskiver pans have a warming feature, which allows you to keep one batch of ebelskivers warm while devouring the previous batch.

Reasons to Use a Stovetop Ebelskiver Pan

  • Indestructible: A stovetop ebelskiver pancake pan is commonly made of cast iron, and can last for generations.
  • Portability: You would never bring your electric ebelskiver pancake pan camping with you, but a stovetop ebelskiver pan can easily be used over an open fire.
  • Size: Most electric ebelskiver pancake pans only have seven wells, whereas you can find stovetop ebelskiver pans with up to fifteen wells, which makes cooking for a crowd a little easier.

Cucinapro Electric Ebelskiver Pancake Pan

The Cucinapro Doughnut Maker and Ebelskiver Pan is an aluminum baking pan with a non-stick coating. It can cook seven ebelskivers at a time, and the even electric heat produces a nice golden brown crust. Very easy to use, clean, and store.

Health and Home Electric Ebelskiver Pancake Pan

The Health and Home Electric Donut Hole and Cake Pop Maker makes a great electric ebelskiver pan. An aluminum baking pan with a non-stick coating that is easily wiped clean, it can cook eight ebelskivers at once. It features an easy-to-use on and off switch and an indicator light that tells you when the ebelskivers are ready.

Video Tutorial: How to Use an Electric Ebelskiver Pancake Pan

If you’re still unsure if an electric ebelskiver pancake pan is right for you, check out this video tutorial on making ebelskivers in an electric ebelskiver pan.