What is an Ebelskiver Pan?

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So you are wondering, “What is an ebelskiver pan?” You might also be wondering how to use it, as well. No worries, we’ve got you covered on both of those topics.

What is an Ebelskiver?

First things first. What the heck is an ebleskiver???

what-is-an-ebelskiver-pan3Ebelskivers are light, fluffy, round pancakes that are a traditional dish in Denmark. They are better known in the U.S. as “pancake puffs.” They are best described as solid like a pancake, but light and fluffy like a popover.

Traditionally a holiday food, ebelskivers can be stuffed with a variety of fillings. Apparently Danish people love apples, and “ebler” is Danish for apples. Translated literally, ebelskiver means “sliced apples.” While ebelskivers are not traditionally filled with apple slices alone, they can be stuffed with a diced apple/walnut/cinnamon/brown sugar mixture.

Another traditional way to serve ebelskivers is with jam – raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, any fruit jam will do – and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. These are typically served on special occasions or during the holiday season.

But these little fluff balls are so good, there is no reason to limit them to just holidays. Depending on the type of filling added, they can be a savory snack, hors d’oeuvre, or breakfast food, or fill them fruit, chocolate, or hazelnut cream for a fun dessert that kids love helping to make.

What are some possible fillings?

  • Whipped cream cheese and smoked salmon
  • Nutella and diced bananas
  • Lemon curd and poppy seeds
  • Peanut butter and chocolate chips
  • Brie cheese and blackberry jam
  • Fig jam and prosciutto
  • Cheddar cheese and chopped bacon
  • Chopped ham and shredded Swiss cheese
  • Pesto and diced turkey breast
  • Taco meat and diced avocado
  • Green onions and Parmesan cheese
  • Peanut butter and jelly

As you can see, the list is endless! And it doesn’t stop there – use your imagination to come up with your own family favorites. (And of course, you don’t need to fill them at all – you can just top them with your favorite toppings instead.)

Best of all, ebelskivers are super easy to make at home. All you need is a few ingredients and, of course, an ebelskiver pan.

What is an Ebelskiver Pan?

Now we’re going to answer your question “What is an ebelskiver pan?” As you probably surmised, an ebelskiver pan, also known as an aebleskiver pan (no, I don’t know why it has two similar names) is a pan that is used to cook ebelskivers.

what-is-an-ebelskiver-pan4This rather mysterious looking pan almost looks like a cross between a muffin tin and a popover pan, but with a handle. The handle is necessary because your are using it on the stovetop, not in your oven – unless you are using an electric ebelskiver pancake pan.

It’s typically a round pan with seven individual cup-like, deep batter wells (some pans can hold up to 16 wells, if you are cooking for a crowd). It can be made from a variety of materials, including cast iron, aluminum, and non-stick material. Cast iron seems to be the popular choice, with some Danish families passing their cast iron ebelskiver pan down for generations.

Some ebelskiver pans come with a lid, which can be handy. You need to flip the ebelskivers midway during the cooking process, and you’ll need to do it manually unless you have a lid, in which case you would just flip the entire pan.

Legend has it that back in the day when Vikings were roaming around Europe and Atlantic Ocean, one group of Vikings had a really bad day. Upon arriving back at their ship with dented and banged up shields, one of them had the bright idea to make their favorite food, which was, of course, pancakes.

But because they did not have a frying pan on board, someone had the even brighter idea of greasing their dented shields and pouring the pancake batter into the dents. And voila, ebelskivers!!

What is the Best Ebelskiver Pan?

So you’re thinking about making some ebelskivers, or maybe you’ve decided to definitely give them a try. Here are five of the best ebelskiver pans on the market. Also, if you’d prefer not to cook your ebelskivers on the stovetop, be sure to check out What is the Best Electric Ebelskiver Pancake Pan?

Best Ebelskiver Pan:
Lodge Pro-Logic P7A3 Cast Iron Aebelskiver Pan

The Lodge Pro-Logic Cast Iron Aebelskiver Pan is a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. The pre-seasoned cast iron pan is virtually indestructible and should last for generations.

Featuring a 9″ diameter and length of 16 5/8″ with deep wells (deeper than many of the other brands), this pan evenly distributes heat from the bottom through the sidewalls and retains heat well, which creates a nice thin and toasty crust to your ebelskivers. The cast iron provides a nearly non-stick surface, making it easy to cook with and clean.

The cast iron handle does get extremely hot, so a heat-resistant sleeve for the handle, or a hot handle holder, is a wise purchase. This pan also includes an opposite helper handle, and comes with a lifetime warranty from Lodge, which has been producing cast iron cookware for over a century.

Best Ebelskiver Pan:
Norpro NonStick Stuffed Pancake Pan

Norpro kitchenware has been around for over forty years, and manufactures a variety of high-quality cookware, including the Norpro NonStick Stuffed Pancake Pan. Made of cast-aluminum with a nonstick surface, this ebelskiver pan features an ergonomic 7.5″ handle that stays cool to the touch, which is a must if you have kids helping you cook.

Bonus – cooking instructions and recipes are included!

Best Ebelskiver Pan:
Nordic Ware Danish Ebelskiver Pan

The Nordic Ware Danish Ebelskiver Pan is made from heavy cast aluminum, which means it won’t warp over time, so you can hand it down to the next generation of ebelskiver lovers. The nonstick surface makes flipping the puff pancakes as easy as pie, and is easy to clean.

The rustic wood handle stays cool during cooking, and features a notch on the end for hanging on a peg or hook. This ebelskiver pan is safe to use on both electric and gas stovetops, and it’s made by a trusted name in kitchen gear, Nordic Ware.

Best Ebelskiver Pan:
Camp Chef True Seasoned Aebelskiver Cast Iron Pan

Best Ebelskiver Pan:
SCI Scandicrafts 7-Cup Cast Iron Aebelskiver Pancake Puffs Pan

If you want ebelskivers that turn out perfectly each and every time, the SCI Scandicrafts Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pancake Puff Pans is the perfect choice. Made in the Danish tradition of using high-quality cast iron, this ebelskiver pan cooks seven pancake puffs at one time.

It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and you’ll love the results.

How to Use an Ebelskiver Panwhat-is-an-ebelskiver-pan5

This is a quick how-to on using an ebelskiver pan. For more details, check out the video tutorials below, where you can see the ebelskiver pan in action.

First you need to make your ebelskiver batter. The batter is similar to pancakse and waffle batters, and is typically made with the following ingredients:

  • Egg whites
  • All-purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Egg yolks
  • Butter
  • Milk

Here is a typical recipe for ebelskivers. And, if you’re short on time, you can always order ebelskiver mixes online.

Once you’ve made your batter, you’ll need to heat up your ebelskiver pan over medium high heat. Brush each well with melted butter (a pastry brush works well for this), then place one tablespoon of batter in each well.

Place about one teaspoon of your chosen filling on top of the batter in each well, and top it off with another tablespoon of batter in each. Cook for about four minutes, then either manually flip each ebelskiver (a pair of bamboo skewers or chopsticks does the trick, or check out this ebelskiver turning tool – check out the video tutorials below to see this in action) or flip the entire ebelskiver pan if yours has a lid.

Cook for another three to four minutes, then gently transfer them to a plate. Tent the plate with foil to keep them warm.

Once all the ebelskivers are cooked and on the plate, top with powdered sugar and enjoy! And if you discover a love for ebelskivers, check out some ebelskiver recipe books.

How to Use an Ebelskiver Pan – Video Tutorials 

I think it really helps to see ebelskivers being made to get a good idea of what needs to done. The first video is short and to the point. The second video is a little longer but really showcases what you can expect when cooking ebelskivers.

And with that, enjoy, and I hope you now have the answer to “What is an ebelskiver pan?”!