What Is An Air Fryer?

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Anyone who has browsed the internet for healthy eating trends will have heard of the air fryer. What is an air fryer and why is there so much buzz around this kitchen appliance? People who love fried food know that it is the fats used in frying are unhealthy that can lead to serious health problems in the future. Giving up the guilty pleasure is advisable, but also admittedly very hard. Since most people are now looking for healthy alternatives when it comes to their food, but are also not willing to give up the taste and experience of deep-fried food, the air fryer was created.

Just like many trends on the internet, many people are wondering if the hype behind the air fryer is really worth it. To help determine whether air fryers are good enough to replace traditional deep fryers here are some facts about the appliance.

What is an air fryer?

As the name suggests, an air fryer is an appliance that uses air instead of oil and grease to “fry” and cook different kinds of food. Typically, an air fryer requires a tablespoon or less of oil to “fry” the food, and when you are using other cooking methods like grilling or baking, the machine can run on no oil at oil. The appliance is capable of doing this magic mainly due to its rapid air technology. What this basically means is that hot air is circulated inside the machine and around the food. Temperatures can reach as high as 400° Fahrenheit which ensures that all foods are cooked to perfection.

The end result of using an air fryer instead of the traditional deep-fryer is that you consume 75% less oil and grease than usual, something your arteries and waistline will thank you for.

What to expect from cooking results

The main goal of an air fryer is to allow people to enjoy crispy and delicious food without eating unhealthily. Having said this, it does not mean that food will taste or have the exact same texture as being deep-fried in oil. The outcome of using an air fryer to cook food like French fries and other typically fried food is a nice crisp outside but a soft and tender inside. Do not expect to have the same crunch or bite, but it will be as delicious, if not just as satisfying.

One major advantage of using the air fryer instead of the deep fryer is the amount of grease on your food. No more messy oil stains on napkins or grease sticking to your fingers or lips after every bite. Even if the taste isn’t exactly the same as deep frying your food, it will be a different, yet equally delicious experience.

Other uses of the air fryer

Aside from its ability to air fry food, the air fryer is actually a very versatile kitchen appliance. The machine can do just about any style of cooking and you only have to press a button. Most air fryers in the market are capable of the following:

  • Grilling meats and seafood
  • Baking different kinds of food
  • Steaming fish and vegetables
  • “Frying” just about everything

These are just some of the functions of an air fryer. There are other machines that offer more styles of cooking to expand your daily menu. Many people who use their air fryer for cooking find that they can prepare an entire meal including the entrée and sides in one go. This makes it more efficient for people who are always busy but would prefer to eat healthier.


Frying food either on the stove or inside a deep fryer requires a lot of messy cleanup. Too much oil can clog up the sink and the smell of oil tends to stick to the kitchen walls. With an air fryer, you will not have these problems. Most air fryers have dishwasher-safe parts to make the cleanup process easier. Those that don’t just require a quick soak in hot soapy water and a quick scrub. Plus, the smell of oil is very minimal and hardly noticeable in the kitchen.


Air fryers can change the way you cook and eat your food. It is worth a try, especially if you want to continue eating fried foods without really frying them.