Think Kitchen Air Fryer Reviews

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The Think Kitchen Air Fryer is a high-end air fryer that is not readily available in the United States, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

We’ve heard rave reviews from customers regarding the Think Kitchen Air Fryer, which piqued our interest, of course! Unfortunately it seems that this particular brand and model, although popular in Canada and Europe, has yet to be widely distributed in the U.S. We hope that will change in the future, so let’s take a quick look at it anyway.


The Think Kitchen Air Fryer features a 2.9 quart capacity, which is a common capacity for air fryers. While not the largest capacity available, it should be sufficient for the average family.

It features one non-stick frying basket and one basket support drawer. At 1300 watts, it can easily fry just about anything you throw at it with little difficulty. Plus it comes with a two year warranty!

The Think Kitchen Air Fryer is available online at Stokes for around $250, although at the publication of this article, it was out of stock.

Another air fryer that has similar features and a similar price point to the Think Kitchen Air Fryer is the Philips Original Airfryer.

The Philips Original Airfryer boasts the fastest and most even air frying results due to it’s unique – and patented! – starfish design, which circulates hot air around the entire unit, so that all food is cooked uniformly. Your food will turn out crispy on the outside and perfectly tender on the inside.

This patented design means that the Philips Airfryer  can fry your favorite foods with less than a tablespoon of oil. Plus, it does more than just fry – it also bakes, grills, steams, and roasts, giving you many more options when cooking for your family and friends.

Gordon Ramsay, the star of Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef, and Michelin-star chef and restaurateur, teamed up with Philips to create healthy chef quality dishes that are both quick and taste fabulous. Chef Ramsay says “Cooking healthy shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste. My family and I love using the Philips Airfryer because its unique starfish design makes dishes taste great with amazing texture. Air is the new oil, and this time-saving tool stays in our kitchen. It’s just like having my own little sous chef that doesn’t talk back.” Ha!

Philips Airfryer claims to be the number one air fryer – they’ve sold over 7 million! And this is an exclusive bundle that includes the Philips Airfryer cookbook, which has over 150 recipes for breakfast, dinner, dessert, snacks – you name it!

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