Power Air Fryer XL Review – Makes Tasty And Oil-Free Snacks Easily

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Are you a fan of healthy snacking? Do you want to make use of an air fryer that can cook extra-large French fries at home without deep frying? Well, if healthy snacking is what you need, then this is what you will get when you use the Power Air Fryer XL.

This is an extra larger air fryer that has all the necessary features and options to make it one of the best air fryers under $100. This air fryer is large and comes with three different sizes to suit the needs of a family.

You can go for the extra-large sized 5.3-quart fryer if you have a large family of healthy snacking enthusiasts. Or else, you can settle for the affordable 3.4-quart Power Air fryer.

The Power Air Fryer XL is true to its name as it cooks food faster than a conventional oven. It comes with 1700 watts of power to cook all kinds of food. There is no need to add oil to cook the foods and the circulating fan will use the hot air offered by the heating elements in the device to cook the food evenly.

When you use this air fryer, you do not have to worry about oil smell in your kitchen and no more used oil. The rapid air technology makes sure that the machine can bake; roast, steam, grill, sauté and air fry the different foods to meet your tastes and wants.

This multi-purpose air fryer is a must have in every kitchen and can cook foods up to 400 degrees F, what this means is that you can cook all kinds of food in this fryer without any hassles.

Features of the Power Air Fryer XL

The impressive features of the Power Air Fryer XL are given below.

  • The air fryer is designed in such a way that it will automatically shut off once the cooking cycle ends
  • The rapid air technology ensures food cooks evenly and with great efficiency, thanks to the turbo cyclonic air that surrounds the food on all sides
  • A whirlwind of hot air cooks the food and hence there is no need to use lard, fat or oil to cook food
  • 7 pre-set settings offered in the unit helps to make French fries, baked goods, shrimps, roasts, steak and chicken easily by just touching the necessary option on the touch screen
  • The LCD touch screen is large enough and clear so that even beginners can easily cook food using the fryer
  • The unit comes with a powerful 1500-watt motor that can increase the air heat inside the fryer up to 400 degrees F
  • The 3.4-quart non-stick air fryer basket comes with easy handle to attach and detach from the unit easily


  • Fun and fast to make mouthwatering snacks
  • Rapid air technology for even cooking of all foods
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Can be stored easily and look attractive in any kitchen
  • 7 preset cooking options
  • Comes in two colors
  • Variable temperature settings according to the cooking needs of different foods


  • Will not clean completely in a dishwasher
  • Handle is a bit flimsy


There is no doubt that the Power Air Fryer XL is one of the best home appliances that help every kitchen user to reduce their cooking time and also enjoy healthy foods that are devoid of oil. There is no need to keep on stirring or frying the meat and the chicken in the oil when using this air fryer.

All you need to do is to place the marinated meat in the fryer basket, press on the pre-set temp setting button and the air fryer will disperse the hot air inside the basket to cook the meat. Once done, the buzzer will sound to indicate the end of the cooking process.

The machine will automatically shut off after the cooking process and therefore you do not have to worry about overheating of the food. The unit comes with a design that will easily fit any kitchen counter space. It is very easy to use and keeps cooking time to the bare minimum.


In order to know the effectiveness of the Power Air Fryer XL, comparison with at least two other air fryers in the same price range is a given. Here, we compare the fryer with GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable 7-in-1 Air Fryer and the Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer.

The GoWISE 3.7 quartz air fryer is a bit bigger in size when compared to the Power Air fryer, but smaller than its XL version of over 5 quarts. Both have built-in 7 preset cooking times to make the cooking of various foods easy and fuss-free. All other features offered on these two air fryers are the same. They both are ideal for the home kitchens.

The Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer does not come with any preset cooking options and hence all cooking and temperature settings are under your control. It has a big fryer basket of 16 quarts size to cook for a large family.

Therefore, this unit will not suit small households. The unit comes with two trays to cook multiple foods at one go. But, the smell of one food catches on the other. Cooking fish and French fries in two trays at the same time is not a good option at all.


From the above comparison, one can conclude that the Power Air fryer XL is ideal for small households as it offers very fast and efficient food cooking. This is due to the rapid air technology and the transmission of the superheated air to all corners of the fryer basket.

Frying the foods in a healthy way is not an issue anymore once you bring home the Power Air Fryer XL. This device helps you enjoy fried food and stay healthy as it does not use oil to cook food.

If you have snack cravings and cannot live without it, then Power Air Fryer XL is the best appliance to bring home and cook healthy snacks without the use of oil. With 7 pre-set cooking temperatures for different foods, auto shut off feature, multiple size options and ease of use and clean, you will not find a more suitable air fryer than Power Air fryer XL.