Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan Review

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The Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan – an excellent choice for a small electric griddle.

Why is the Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan so popular and highly recommended? Let’s discuss.

Who is the Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan Perfect For?

This is a fantastic electric griddle that is perfect for anyone living in an apartment, tiny home, college dorm, or any other small living space. At only 8 inches square, it can easily cook a meal for 1-2 people, and stores away taking up minimal space.

Its small size also makes it highly portable. It’s great for RVs, campers, road trips, and even plane travel as it can easily be packed in a suitcase. It makes a great gift for a truck driver or flight attendant.

You can even use it at your office to reheat food or to make a quick grilled cheese sandwich!

Features of the Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan

8-inch-electric-frying-pan-3The Nesco 8 Inch Skillet skillet features a die-cast aluminum pan with a nonstick interior, which means food won’t stick, and clean up is quick and easy. Rather than running around the outside of the pan, the heating element is located in the central part of the bottom of the pan, so your food will cook evenly.

The deep pan allows you to easily fry, roast, bake, and even deep fry foods. And it is deep enough that most of the splattering remains in the skillet.

The easy-to-read, adjustable temperature control allows you to cook your food at the perfect temperature. It also comes with a glass lid with stay-cool handles and a safety vent.

What Can be Cooked in the Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan?

Obviously you can use the Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan for frying, but there’s so much more you can do! You can cook a small roast, or bake a casserole, make stirfries and pasta dishes, reheat food…the list is endless. Some things you might cook:

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches8-inch-electric-frying-pan-2
  • Hamburgers
  • Frozen Pizza (yes!)
  • Eggs
  • Sausage and Bacon
  • Pork Chops
  • Fondue
  • And Much More

Caring for the Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan

Cleaning the Nesco 8 Inch Electric Frying Pan couldn’t be easier.

Although Nesco says that both the skillet and the lid are dishwasher safe (with the probe removed), there’s a warning on the bottom of the pan that says “do not immerse.”

In fact, there‘s really no need to put either the lid or skillet in the dishwasher. Instead, just wash each of them with a soapy dish rag, rinse, and dry.

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