How To Use Air Fryer

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For home cooks all over the world, getting any new kitchen appliance is exciting. It is even more of a thrill when a certain appliance can completely transform the way food is cooked in the kitchen. One such gadget that has been gaining a lot of attention from cooks and health buffs is the air fryer. This not-so-new kitchen appliance is slowly becoming the new microwave, meaning almost everyone kitchen can benefit from having one.

Top Tips on How To Use Air Fryer

A common problem new air fryer users encounter is not getting the results they expect. There are many reasons why the finished products don’t live up to your expectations, but the very common mistake is not knowing how to use the appliance properly. Here are the easy tips to follow when you first learn how to use air fryer machines at home.

Tip 1: Adjust temperature accordingly

There are many air fryers that come with smart preset buttons to cook different kinds of food “perfectly.” Although this might work for your typical food like nuggets and fries, sometimes the fryer need a few adjustments. Air fryers have a temperature setting that can be manually adjusted. Use this to your advantage and set the temperature to the right heat level to be sure the food is cooked properly and it comes out as desired.

Tip 2: Add the right amount of oil

The amount of oil you should add to the food you are preparing will depend on the cooking style you are trying to achieve. If you are “frying” fries, it takes more oil to achieve the crispy texture on the outside. If you are grilling meats, it will take less than a tablespoon of oil. For steaming, if your machine can do steaming, no oil is needed. To make the cooking process easier, try to use a cooking spray so the coat is even.

Also note that some pre-cooked food like nuggets and fish sticks that are pre-packaged already have oil in them. Just add a small spritz of oil to the air fryer’s basket and you are good to go.

Tip 3: Correctly fill the basket or cooking rack

It is a common mistake for people to just pile all kinds of food inside the air fryer basket and expect the same outcome. This isn’t how to use air fryer correctly. For food products that have batter, flour, or any kind of extra coating, one layer per rack is the way to go. This will ensure that each piece is evenly cooked on all sides. For roasting vegetables or making fries, you can simply fill the basket with the amount of food you want to cook.

Keep in mind that the more food you want to cook at the same time, the longer it will take to completely cook through. Putting too much inside the basket can result in a batch that isn’t very crispy, so be cautious about the capacity to ensure everything is cooked to perfection each time.

Tip 4: Cut down cooking time

The amazing thing with air fryers is that they keep a consistent temperature while cooking. The circulating air allows the food to cook faster and evenly. This means that cooking time is significantly cut down. To avoid overcooking, check for doneness earlier than you normally would. Foods that normally take 20-25 minutes can already be ready within 15 minutes. Leaving the food inside the air fryer for too long can result in disappointment. So always be aware of the time.

Tip 5: Follow cleaning instructions exactly

Many air fryer users find that their appliance breaks down after just a few uses. This is mainly due to mishandling during the cleaning process. Of course, you want to wipe down your machine after every use, but getting water on the sensitive digital parts is a bad idea. Keep moisture and water away from the machine and only wash those parts that have direct contact with food like the basket and grill. Also take note whether these are dishwasher safe or not.


Of course you can get delicious and perfectly cooked food from an air fryer; just known how to properly use the machine to avoid any mishaps. Follow these steps and you’ll be relying on your air fryer for just about every meal.