Do Air Fryer Use Oil For Cooking Food?

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One of the best revolutions to have happened in the home appliance revolution is the introduction of the air fryers. These attractive looking countertop, kitchen appliances give you the chance to make tasty and delicious deep-fried snacks in your home with very less or no oil at all. Yes, you have read it right.

By using this tool, French fries, steaks, chicken wings, etc., gets prepared with no oil at all. If you thought that this was an impossible task, then wait till you get hold of the best air fryers in the market.

An air fryer is a must-have tool in every household where its members are health conscious. It will help you to eat all your favorite snacks without needing to fear about excess oil soaked in the food while cooking.

Why are people using air fryers and Do Air Fryer Use Oil For Cooking Food ?

These days everything happens and revolves around the internet and social media. This is why we see a lot of people getting conscious about their health and looking for different options of eating healthy.

This made the entrepreneurs dig deep and come out with healthier products to cater to the needs of the health-conscious enthusiasts. One such appliance that aids people to enjoy their favorite snack in a healthy way is the air fryer.

This appliance is a rage among many home cooks as it gives them the option of cooking any snack with less to no oil. You can eat all kinds of fried food without needing to worry about the health complications that deep-fried foods can cause.

If you are a person avoiding onion rings, French fries, tempura and other delicious fried foods, fearing health issues, then bring home the air fryer and start munching on your favorite deep-fried stuff. Many people have already started using the air fryers as a healthy alternative to eating deep fried snacks and you too can join the bandwagon.

How does air fryer work?

From the name, you can understand that this unit has got something to do with air. Yes, it is totally different from the other conventional ovens that you buy in the market.

The air fryer uses the superheated air to cook the foods placed in the fryer basket. The technology used by the air fryer to cook foods is the rapid air technology. When the fryer works, the hot air will circulate through and the temperature of the air fryer can go up to 400-degrees F.

The test of the foods cooked using the air fryer would not be the same like what you get when eating deep-fried foods as there is no use of oil. Alternatively, the main advantage you enjoy by using the air fryer is that the fat in the food reduces by 80%.

The hot air that circulates around the food will not miss any spot on the food and hence foods cook evenly. You can be sure of enjoying consistently cooked foods using the air fryer.

The air fryers have a simple design that makes cooking easy and comfortable. This means that even first-time cooks can easily use the fryers to make their favorite snacks.

The cooking chamber of the fryer offers even distribution of heat inside the chamber, thanks to its unique design. The hot air that cooks the food comes from the exhaust fan seen on top of the cooking chamber. There is also a grill present in the fryer to heat the food.

Advantages of using air fryers

There are a lot of benefits that air fryers give to the customers. Some of the benefits are:

  • Very easy to cook with pre-set temperature settings for most of the foods
  • Used to prepare low-fat and oil-free meals
  • Makes use of hot air to cook the foods from all sides and angles to ensure even cooking
  • Healthier way to eat all the favorite deep oil fried foods
  • Saves a lot of the cooking time
  • Most fryers come with recipe books to help you start using the unit quickly

Is oil necessary to cook foods in an air fryer?

The biggest advantage that air fryers offer its users is to cook all kinds of meat and food without oil. You do not have space or container to add oil in the air fryer to cook the foods.

It just has a grille plate where you place the foods to cook. If you would like the food to have some crunchiness and bit of flavor in it, then you can add some oil along with the marination.

Adding too much oil to the food could spoil the main purpose of using the air fryer. If you are highly health conscious, then you can avoid the oil totally.

By using the air fryer, you get to enjoy non-greasy and non-messy foods. The taste and flavor of the food will be intact when roasting, sautéing, frying, baking, or grilling in an air fryer. You cannot fill the air fryer will a puddle of oil as it would cause damage to it.

Should you buy an air fryer?

There are many reasons why one would like to buy an air fryer. The reasons would differ from one home cook to the other.

Some might be interested to buy the fryer as their kitchen is very small to accommodate larger cooking appliances. It takes just one square foot of countertop space and the fryer basket.

You can pull out the drip tray and the fryer basket from the unit for cleaning. Most of the people buy air fryers to cook healthy and tasty deep-fried foods with no oil. This meets their cravings for deep-fried foods.

If you are looking to cookI frozen foods in no time, then air fryers are the best. You don’t have to wait for the frozen foods to reduce to room temperature before using it.

This saves a lot of the cooking time. Anyone looking to eat healthier foods and reduce the calories of deep-fried foods should definitely try out the air fryer.